We love transforming your great ideas into amazing products.

Our passion is designing and making great products & brands. We love working with clients who think big and believe they can achieve great things. Our guiding philosophy is to aim for the highest possible quality at every stage of development - and we believe the results end up showing for themselves. During the design and development processes, we believe it’s important to understand how even the smallest design-changes and features will affect the way people respond to the finished product.

We pay respect to science, creativity and tradition at every stage, and give proper attention to each - over each product's full life-cycle, these three philosophies can compliment each other and contribute to better results. Canadian Research Corp's team members and partners have been chosen largely because they share these core values and understand how powerful they can be when properly applied.


Ingestible Products

Gummies - Softgels - Beverages - Nutrition Bars - Powders - Pet Foods - More..

Active ingredients can be added for many functions like: fat burning, anti-aging, supplemental vitamins, healthy fats (i.e. DHA omegas), health & beauty, relaxation, energy, focus, hydration, supplemental protein, more….


Topical Products

Serums - Lotions - Shampoos - Conditioners - Pomades - Hand Sanitizers - More..

Active ingredients can be added for many functions like: skin smoothing, hair thickening, removal of fine lines & eye bags, hydration, anti-inflammation