Ingestible Products

Gummies - Softgels - Beverages - Nutrition Bars - Powders - Pet Foods - More..

Active ingredients can be added for many functions like: fat burning, anti-aging, supplemental vitamins, healthy fats (i.e. DHA omegas), health & beauty, relaxation, energy, focus, hydration, supplemental protein, more….


Topical Products

Serums - Lotions - Shampoos - Conditioners - Pomades - Hand Sanitizers - More..

Active ingredients can be added for many functions like: skin smoothing, hair thickening, removal of fine lines & eye bags, hydration, anti-inflammation


Brand & Product Design  -  Research & Development  -  Testing & Registration  -  Manufacturing  -  Quality Control

We can create entirely new brands & products from scratch - or start with designs/visions you already have and work from there. Once general designs are nailed-down, research & development can open up many possibilities and transform designs into reality. From there, we can move onto testing, manufacturing and QC in licensed facilities - both government and private mostly in Canada and some in the USA. With world-leading quality and safety regulations in both countries, you can be confident your products will be manufactured to the same high standards every single time

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Brand & Product Design


Designing fresh new brands and products is our passion - we don’t stop until you have a design you love. Regardless of your industry, we'll work together to understand the people you’d like to reach, find ways to speak to them and stand out from all the clutter.

C4 - Energy+Health

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Research & Development

Developing top quality ready-to-market products.

The R & D process transforms your brand & product designs into real repeatable manufacturing plans. Initially developing physical prototypes then refining future generations until we have fully detailed product formulations, and even finalized packaging and label designs.

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Product Testing & Registration



Made in North America

Hire us to be your manufacturing partner here in North America.  Boost the reputation of your products by manufacturing in established regulated facilities in both Canada and the USA.  Especially for ingestible and topical products, these two governments have become known globally for strict regulations on quality & safety - setting high standards every product must meet or surpass before shipping out.

Health Canada licensed facilities

FDA compliant facilities

Canadian Standards

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) are manufacturing systems that guarantee product quality can be consistently repeated to set specifications and current regulations

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Quality Control

No detail too small

Especially for high quality products, consumers expect 100% consistency every single time.  QC procedures guarantee safety and ensure every batch is the same for the people who buy and use the product.

Other Services:

  • Canadian Expert Endorsements

  • North American key opinion leader testing & review

  • Press release and other content writing (English)

  • North American online and offline sales distribution